Love Your Adrenals

7 Day Kickstart

Reclaim your lost energy levels and find your shine again.

Join us for one amazing week of delicious food, simple lifestyle changes, and healing self-care strategies.

Brought to you by a qualified naturopath (yay!).


Sick of feeling tired all the time?

Firstly - how are you? Let's start by being kind to YOU. Because I'm going to guess that if you're reading this, you've been rushing around like crazy, majoring at multi-tasking, and your specialty is being everything to everyone. And if this is true, then it's no surprise that you're feeling pretty tired right now.

Maybe you've had a few niggly health problems pop up - weight gain, poor digestion, PMS, menopausal symptoms, food cravings (hello sugar and caffeine!), joint pain, or a dodgy immune system that catches every cold and flu going around.

Or maybe you're already been diagnosed with the more serious stuff like adrenal fatigue, a sluggish thyroid, an autoimmune disease, or another chronic health condition.

You've turned to herbs and supplements to boost your adrenals (Ashwaghanda and B vitamins, I'm looking at you!), but they're merely a stop gap - TRUE healing needs to include a nourishing diet and calmer, more stress-free mind.

But the ironic part is - when you're feeling tired, the LAST thing you feel like doing is making an effort to look after yourself.

But what if I could show you a better way?

Over 7 amazing days, I will give you the FIRST STEPS you need to start healing those pesky adrenals, once and for all. 

You will eat nourishing, gluten and dairy free wholefood meals, adopt effective self care strategies, and experience lasting mindset shifts, to create a healthier, happier, more energised YOU. 

You will discover how easy it can be to incorporate this stuff into your everyday life. 

It's super simple, totally non-overwhelming and suitable for people at all levels!

Ready for more energy?

Love Your Adrenals starts on Monday 23rd April. Sign up now for just $27.95.

If you need a helping hand to get your health on track, I've got your back!

This program will take you through the FIRST STEPS to healing adrenal fatigue.

Easy, delicious meals, balanced for more energy

Family-friendly, husband-approved and specially formulated to give you the nutrients that your body needs in order to feel better faster.

Time saving tips to rock your world

Find more time for YOU with clever ways to prep meals and utilise leftovers (which means you're not slaving away in the kitchen!).

Lower your stress levels (ahhhhh!)

Small, achievable, yet powerful exercises each day to create a new mindset that's strong, motivated, calm and focused.

Here's what you get when you join:

  • Your 7 day "done for you" meal plan and shopping list
  • All your delicious recipes for one week (plus a few bonuses!)
  • 7 daily emails with ninja tips on self-care and stress relief
  • A Facebook Live Q&A session during the program where I will answer all your burning questions.

The Food

The program is gluten, dairy and cane sugar free. There's nothing processed, loads of nutrients, and meals are designed to balance blood glucose (to reduce sugar/carb cravings). There are a few grains here and there (like rice), there are animal proteins (like meat and eggs) and non-animal proteins (like chickpeas). I guess if you had to put a label on it, you'd call it 80% paleo, 100% wholefood, 100% YUM!

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jules Galloway and I’m a passionate naturopath on a mission to help you get your energy back.
In my mid 30’s a busy “work hard, party hard” lifestyle took me to the brink of burnout and chronic fatigue. Something had to change.
I finally began to thrive with a combination of nourishing food, the right supplements, exercise, mindfulness, and a HUGE dose of happiness.
And now I want to share all that I’ve learned with you, to help you feel amazing again!

Ready to join us?

Love Your Adrenals starts on Monday 23rd April. Sign up now for just $27.95.

"It's been an awesome program. I finally feel like I can make a change without being totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much Jules x "

Michelle M

"I've suffered adrenal dysfunction in various forms for the past ten years. I discovered how simple and fun it can be to nourish my body correctly while I go about running my business and enjoying having energy again. Jules, I will forever be grateful for you. Aside from time, I believe energy is one of the most precious currency we have to give - and you have helped me get my energy back in form. Thankyou!"

Hayley C

"Jules was always available via her Facebook group and willing to answer questions, give support and be there as a friend (with a gorgeous smile). I would recommend this course to anyone.... I feel fabulous!! I am no longer tired and grumpy, migraine free and finally feel I am becoming in control of my body and the way I view it. Thanks Jules... Cant wait for the next round. "

Marni M

Please note that this program is not intended to diagnose or treat a specific illness or disease, and should be used for general wellbeing and adrenal support only. If you're suffering from a serious health condition, speak to your health practitioner before starting any program. 


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